The last couple of weeks have been hairy for Facebook. With companies mining huge blocks of data about users, how safe is the information you have provided? I had some Lubbock folks express their concern over the data Facebook has on them, and so I decided to help out.

Here are some things you can check to ensure your data is at least safer than it was before.

1. Download Your Facebook Data

This one is simple. You go to Settings, then General and select Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data. It may take some time to compile, but you will know what data Facebook has about you.

2. Privacy Settings

In Settings, select Privacy. This gives you the opportunity to decide who sees what. Usually, friends are the best bet for visibility, along with blocking search engines from seeing your profile.

3. Check Those Apps

Games, surveys, quizzes -- these are all ways apps can gain your data. You can select Apps in Settings and you will see every app or game you have played or used. Each app will allow you to edit settings and you can remove each one of them, which is not a bad idea.

4. Delete Facebook

If you're that concerned, then maybe leaving Facebook is a good idea. Here's a guide on how to delete your account from PC Magazine. 

Are you concerned about what data of yours is floating around? Let us know in the comments.

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