It's still Summer and that means hot temperatures which also means you need to stay hydrated. Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets joined me today to discuss some healthier options when it comes to staying hydrated.

One thing Garcia warned about is staying away from drinks with too much sugar (15 grams per serving) and drinks with empty calories, like soft drinks. Instead, Garcia recommended drinking more tea and water. In fact, she said to take the 80/20 approach. 80% of the time, hydrate with water or tea, and then other times you can enjoy a different type of drink, like one with sugar.

Garcia also recommended a few products such as Waterloo Sparkling Water which is based in Austin, Texas and taste great!

Along with liquids, Brenda Garcia talked about including more fruit in your diet that can help to hydrate you. Watermelon obviously has a lot of water in it, but did you know it can also work to make your water taste different? Take some watermelon and slice it into cubes and then freeze them. Use the frozen melon in a glass or pitcher or water and watch as your water begins to taste like watermelon. You can do the same with other fruits as well.

Listen to the interview above for more great information and product tips from Brenda Garcia and United Supermarkets.

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