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Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, Hasty expounded on Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, mail-in balloting proposals and other changes to voting procedures. Also discussed was the slim likelihood that Joe Biden will actually debate President Trump, and recent "war games" simulations of different scenarios in the general election, forecasting many gloomy post-election crisis scenarios.

During his comments about recent liberal's scare tactics being bandied about, Hasty said,

The fact of the matter is, what they want to do is scare the hell out of everybody. They want to make everybody think that Trump will never leave, that Trump's a dictator, that Trump is going to screw around with the elections, when it's the Democrats who are screwing around with the elections. It's the Democrats who want to come up with vote harvesting. It's the Democrats who want to change the way we vote in less than ninety days.

While on the topic of the reliability of mail-in balloting, Hasty said,

How many times do you get mail for somebody else at your home?...Do you really trust the U.S. Postal Service to get this one hundred percent right? Do you really trust that your neighbor won't end up with your mail? Do you really trust that someone won't, I don't know, drive by when you're not home and pick up your ballots out of your mailbox? Do you really trust that system? I don't...The Democrats are trying to rig this entire thing, they're trying to change the way you vote.

Listen to the segment of the show in the video above. 

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