Recently, from Arizona to Lubbock, we’ve heard weather forecasters talking about haboobs.

"Haboob” is an Arabic word that your spell-checker probably won’t recognize.  The word  sometimes gets people chuckling, or at least smiling.  But a haboob  can cause problems.

In an interview for KFYO’s public service program “This Week In Lubbock," Jody James from the National Weather Service talked about the word “haboob.”

“Haboob” is just a downburst from a thunderstorm that has the unique characteristic in that it’s very large in scale and is picking up sand or dust and sweeping that in,” James said.  “It results in strong winds, low visibilities.  It can be dangerous to aircraft and obviously those travelling on the highway.”

You can hear the entire 30-minute interview with Jody James Sunday morning at 6 o’clock on KFYO.

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