A severe winter storm is hitting parts of Texas as it makes its way across the United States but Texas Governor Greg Abbott has emergency crews ready. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has instructed that the Texas Division of Emergency Management needed to activate their state of emergency response resources. This is in part due to reports from the National Weather Service following some severe winter weather across the country with the potential to hit Texas.

According to the National Weather Service there is a chance for severe weather all across the Lonestar state which does include hail, heavy rainfall, flash flooding, tornadoes, and even snow. Residents in any winter storm affected areas are urged to stay in place and have resources ready such as canned goods, battery powered light sources with extra batteries, and to wear the right protective clothing.

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There is also the potential of rain that could lead to flash flooding in these cold conditions. Residents are reminded to assess their shelter so that no water enters their home, to stay away from power lines that could still have active currents of electricity, and to stay away from any flooding water.

As per the publishing of this article, December 13, there is currently only one activated resource response operation active, that being Texas A&M's Engineering Extension Service Task Force One. Many other state agencies are on standby awaiting orders to aid the state if there is any severe weather that impacts their respective portions of Texas. As for now that severe winter storm should be in the far eastern portions of the United States by Wednesday, December 14.

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