The mid-term election is fast approaching and the two leading gubernatorial candidates in Texas are using their last campaigning weeks to sling mud at each other.

Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis have recently switched political gears by escalating tactics focusing on their opponent’s perceived shortcomings.

The most recent and talked about bout began when State Senator Davis released an ad criticizing the paraplegic Texas Attorney General for siding against the disabled in many legal cases.

Abbott quickly released a video accusing Davis of being unable to act originally because she was a devotee of President Barack Obama.

A quick look at each candidate’s YouTube page shows nearly as many videos bashing the opposition as espousing their own campaign.

Mudslinging is not a new tactic in political campaigning and it is certainly not going away any time soon. But at what point does a candidate’s mudslinging go beyond harming the opposition’s campaign and begin to hinder their own?

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