Lubbock roads are notoriously crappy. If you're lucky enough to make it down any of them without having to swerve to save your tires, then you should pat yourself on the back. There are plenty of horrible potholes on our streets locally, but this particular spot is extra special.

Measuring roughly five feet wide and approximately 5 to 6 inches deep, it's unclear whether or not you should even call this a pothole. It's more like a massive hole in the middle of the road, spanning across both lanes of traffic, located on 66th Street between Upland and Inler.

The hole was brought to our attention when local Brandi Tadlock shared her unfortunate experience on Facebook:

If you're driving on 66th street between Upland and Inler, please be aware that there's an ENORMOUS pothole that takes up half of each lane, and if you hit it, it WILL f*** up your car. On a related note, I need a new wheel now because my rim is bent to s***.

Was this the biggest pothole in Lubbock County? Who knows! There's such a wide variety to choose from that I'm not exactly sure how to pick a winner.

Thankfully, the one that damaged Tadlock's vehicle was filled fairly quickly...after she shared some choice words with Lubbock County on Twitter.

You can see the pictures of the pothole after it was filled below to get an idea of how large it was.

Tire-Damaging Pothole Gets Filled in Lubbock County

Here are a couple of other really spots to drive shared with FMX by super annoyed Lubbock drivers:


  1. Basically all of 34th Street. Somebody tear that crap up and start the hell over. There are also a ton of manhole covers between Quaker and Slide that stick way up out of the ground. Those bad boys with screw up your ride, fast.
  2. Broadway and Ave X. You pretty much have to turn around and go the other way if you don't want to bottom your car out in that icky place.
  3. Walmart off of Ave Q. There's a massive dip in the road that may as well be lumped in with the potholes. One local driver described "chin checking" their Chevy Cruz every single time they drive over it. It's definitely a hazard.
  4. South Loop East access road just before the Slide Road exit. You have to basically get into the other lane to avoid the hell that awaits you in that lovely place.
  5. Turning into Apex off of Marsha Sharp Freeway. You probably can't believe you still have a car if you've driven over that awful stuff. The Apex parking lot, too. My goodness. What on earth even happened there? Giants stomping around?
  6. The entire stretch of Indiana between 114th and 130th. Is this an actual street, or do you need an off-roading vehicle for it? No one could ever really tell by the way it looks right now.

Guys, there are honestly so many out there that this list could go on for years. Please comment below or on our Facebook page if you have a story about your own pothole misfortune.

Do you think the City of Lubbock should be liable for damages to your car from potholes? Will they ever actually fix the problems? I won't hold my breath.

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