A Frenship ISD mother claims her middle school daughter was accidentally drugged while at school.

Kaisha Weatherly, the mother of the victim, stated that a student shared some candy with her 12-year-old daughter on Wednesday, October 5th. Within an hour of eating that candy, her daughter started to feel ill and had to see the school nurse twice before she was sent home.

KAMC News reported that Weatherly claimed that by the time her daughter was sent home that she was already completely under the influence of whatever substance was in the candy. Emergency crews were called and arrived at the school as the girl's father arrived to pick her up.

The Frenship Middle School student could barely walk, had dark circles under her bloodshot eyes, and was pale while sweating before "freaking out." The girl's father said that when he walked in, the nurse was telling her that she had been drugged and that she was going to need her stomach pumped.

It was later discovered that the 12 year old had ingested gummies containing THC. Weatherly said her daughter was placed in District Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) for 30 days, which is a punishment issued to students who break certain school policies/rules.

Weatherly and her family are upset that their daughter was effectively punished for being drugged. They claim that the school is only punishing her for overdosing and are trying to sweep the incident under the rug.

At the time of the initial investigative report, Frenship Independent School District only said that they were investigating the incident, but released the below statement on October 11th:

Frenship ISD is investigating an incident that occurred at Frenship Middle School last week where students distributed THC edibles to other students. These edibles, while having a distinct smell and contained in a clear plastic bag, appeared to look like candy. Based on student statements, several students were identified as ingesting the edibles and their parents were notified of the incident.

There are students facing disciplinary action related to this incident; However, school districts, including Frenship ISD, are prohibited by law from releasing details related to the specific disciplinary action of a student.

Frenship ISD takes these situations very serious, and this type of incident is very concerning for our students, parents, staff, and Frenship community. As outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Frenship ISD does not tolerate and has strict rules against drugs at school.

We encourage our parents to talk with their children about the dangers of accepting or sharing unknown food, drinks, or substances from other people.

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