Jenny Cudd, a former Midland mayoral candidate who was on video in the middle of the US Capitol riot back on January 6th, has been arrested by the FBI.

CBS 7 reports that Cudd appeared before a judge on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 and faces a misdemeanor charge. She has been released on bond, but faces up to one year in prison if found guilty of the class A misdemeanor, and up to 6 months if found guilty of the class B misdemeanor.

KFYO reported previously that Cudd was seen on video saying "[we] didn't vandalize anything, but we did, as I say that, break down Nancy Pelosi's office door and somebody stole her gavel and took a picture sitting in the chair flipping off the camera, and that was on FOX News."

Cudd later claimed that she didn't personally go into Nancy Pelosi's office, nor did she see anyone break down the door, but used "we" to mean everyone those rioting inside the Capitol building.

In an interview with CBS7, Cudd justified her actions:

Do I think that it was wrong for us to go to the Capitol? Absolutely not. Do I think that it was wrong for me to go through an open door and get inside of the Capitol? No I don’t. I didn’t break any laws, I didn’t do anything unlawful, and I think that’s probably why the FBI and the law enforcement have not contacted me.

Since the riots, Cudd said she's received multiple death threats at her florist shop, Becky's Flowers. Additionally, many people were giving the flower shop bad online reviews. Cudd's Facebook page, which was linked in KFYO's previous article, has since been taken down.

Back in 2019, Jenny Cudd ran for Mayor Midland and received 16 percent of the vote.

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