The new Shelby GT is a heavily modified Mustang GT, which was developed to be the top muscle car from the United States.

Shelby has modified the body with an aerodynamic body kit that includes new carbon fiber bumpers, skirts, diffuser, splitter and spoilers. reports that the 5 liter V8 will sport 627 horsepower, being assisted by a turbocharger, sport exhaust, and a modified cooling system. Shelby has also tweaked  the ECU software to help produce this number. Shelby is also offering a power upgrade, to the already upgraded Mustang that makes the GT produce 700 horsepower at the crank. The engine power hike has caused Shelby to have to re-tune the suspension and beef up the brakes to a Willow high performance braking system.

No word on pricing for the Shelby GT yet, but expect it to cost around $70,000, similarly to the Dodge Hellcat series cars. With the Hellcat being on recall, and out of production as of right now (This will probably change), the Shelby GT should do well.

The new body kit makes the car look better, but it is still very boring in my opinion. The Shelby GT still looks like the Mustang, that looks like the older Mustang, that looks like the older Mustang. Retro styling on new cars is outdated and dull. It’s like the Porsche 911, they all look the same… and bored with what they see in the mirror.

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