This thief better hope the police catch him (or her) first.

Our station vehicles are parked a bit back from the radio station. We built metal awnings back there to protect the artwork on the cars. We never thought we'd have a problem with our truck being vandalized.

Midday host Renee Raven was hopped up and ready to go on a remote when she noticed the truck sounded terrible. It was parked for the day, so she grabbed another vehicle. Our truck was later taken in for servicing and mechanics discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen.

Stealing catalytic converters has been a recent trend due to the valuable metals inside them. According to this NPR article, one of the metals used currently goes for about $28,000 per ounce. Catalytic converters themselves are listed at about $2,000.

Even then, who steals from the FMX truck? Obviously, it was a newbie thief. I'll freely admit that we have people on both sides of the law who tend to watch out for us, so the thief could potentially have a very, very bad day.

I'm sure we were just the victim of a crackhead who took advantage of the vehicle that was furthest from the station, but it's hard to not take something like this a little personally.

(Editor's note: Two other vehicles have been found in the parking lot that were also vandalized.) 

The FMX truck will eventually be okay. It may miss this Saturday's event at Ralph's Records, but rest assured Renee Raven will make it. Score an FMX Pink Spot tee with any purchase at Ralph's at $10 or more. (A free $20 t-shirt with a $10 purchase? Yeah, that's how we roll.) This deal begins at 1 p.m.

Here are some pics:

FMX Truck

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FMX Control Room Tour Part 2

FMX Control Room's 'All Money wall.

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