Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. This time of year it can be really easy to blow the diet and eat the foods that aren't always the healthiest. Brenda Duby, dietitian with the United Family of stores joined the show today to give a few tips on how you can eat healthy while still enjoying yourself.

One of Duby's big tips was to not skip out on breakfast. Many think that by skipping breakfast you are saving calories for later, but the downside is that by skipping breakfast you are actually causing your metabolism to slow and that's not good when it comes to burning calories.

Duby suggested as a tip to take advantage of some of United's "mini" desserts for your holiday party. United bakes fresh mini brownies and cupcakes and they are delicious. As long as you eat one or two, you are enjoying yourself but not over indulging.

Duby also suggested putting fruits and vegetables on your plate. They take up space and are good for you.

Listen to all of Brenda Duby's tips in the video above.

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