Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the President of Texas Tech University Dr. Lawrence Schovanec joined Matt Martin and Matt Crow to talk about what has been going on at Tech as well as down in Austin.

Dr. Schovanec discussed several topics such as how Texas Tech athletics are doing, and his trips down to Austin in the continued push for Tech to get funding and approval for a veterinary school.

On the topic of Tech Athletics Dr. Schovanec said that he is heading down to Kansas City this week to watch the Men's Basketball team play. He also spoke on their win against Iowa State on Saturday, saying, "You couldn't be more proud of the way that they played there, because that was a tough Beard has done a fabulous job. Everybody knows that."

Dr. Schovanec also spoke about the continued push for a Texas Tech vet school. He explained that in the last couple of months, he has testified before the Senate Finance Committee and the House Appropriations. They have funded Tech at $4 million in the last biennium, and now Tech has asked for an additional $13 million for a total of $17 million. Schovanec is hoping to get support in the Senate and also get approval by the coordinating board. He also talked about how he has heard some who consider this to be a very political and emotional issue. Dr. Schovanec had this to say,

"This is not about us vs. another school. This is about what's best for an important industry in West Texas, and the state, and also about making sure that students in Texas who want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine have a better chance of doing that without going out of state and incurring greater debt."

Watch the full interview with Dr. Lawrence Schovanec in the video above.

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