Tuesday on Sunrise LBK with Dave King and Tom Collins, The Superintendent of the Lubbock Independent School District Dr. Kathy Rollo joined Dave and Tom to talk about the end of the first semester and how its gone, E-Sports being played in schools, school board meeting times, a trip to D.C., their partners in the education program, and more.

Dr. Rollo started the discussion by saying that we are nearing the close of the first semester, and that it has been a great one. She also took the opportunity to talk about the new E-Sports program that they have been working on. She explained that about 2 and a half years ago she was approached by the chief technology officer about piloting an E-Sports program, and that since then it has taken off, with kids playing certain select games competitively against other kids across the state. Rollo explained that through games like Rocket League, a non violent competitive soccer like game, kids are able to play in teams, get engaged, and develop teamwork skills, communication skills, and critical thinking. On top of that, they are playing for their school, so it helps to develop school pride. She thinks the program can be great for kids who want to be competitive but who don't want to play something like football.

Rollo was also asked by a texter why they have their school board meetings at 7 A.M. when some people are unable to attend, rather than in the evenings. She explained that their school board of trustees, a volunteer job, have decided that they prefer having the meetings in the morning to get the work done early and then proceed with their days. Some members of the public also prefer to come in for public comments early, and then proceed with their jobs and lives.

Another topic was the announcement that, at the invitation of Congressman Jody Arrington, all 4 public high school's marching bands have been asked to play in the Independence Day Parade on July 4th in the nation's capital. Rollo said that they are doing several fundraisers to make sure that all 600 kids can afford to go on the trip. Info can be found at www.lubbockisd.org.

Finally, Rollo took the opportunity to thank several of their partners in the education program. She said that this is a time of year when they like to appreciate their partners who help out both staff and students. Rollo thanks several churches for providing meals and Christmas activities, Grimes Insurance for providing snacks for staff, Germblast for providing food for elementary schools, Parkhill, Plains Capitol Bank and McDougal who are cooking for staff as well as giving a gift to all students of Alderson elementary, Bethany Baptist Church for providing an event as well as gifts and clothing, First Christian Church for providing books to students, Greater Southwest Rotary for providing books and funds to the library, TTU athletics hosting an event for the homeless student population along with Cardinals who is giving $120 gift cards to spend at their stores, and St. Clair Orthodontist for giving away Thanksgiving meals to kids, as well as many more.


Listen to the full interview with Dr. Kathy Rollo in the audio above.

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