On Wednesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, the discussion turned to the revitalization of the downtown areas of Lubbock, and the many questions about taxpayer dollars assisting businesses and areas located downtown, while leaving businesses in other areas of town out of the favoritism loop.

Hasty said,

I don't know if we need to have taxpayer money going into the competition of Downtown Lubbock versus Southwest Lubbock, versus West Lubbock, versus 50th Street, versus 34th Street. Do we really need that? Again, I don't think we do.

Hasty continued, saying,

For years we've heard the only taxpayer money that's going to go towards Downtown Lubbock is for what? Infrastructure. To fix the roads, to bury the wires, to do all that. And then after that it's up to the businesses. Here's a question: Does this violate what many on the Lubbock City Council have said for years now, that taxpayer money is not going to go towards developing Downtown Lubbock? ... Does this violate...campaign promise of some of those [who have run for city offices]?

Hasty discussed the matter at length, and took calls from listeners, including a great one from taxpayer advocate Mikel Ward.

While talking about the grants and money being moved to benefit owners and the 'master developer' in the revitalization process, Ward said,

It's a heck of a deal if you can get in on it.

Listen to the segments from the show, including the call from Mikel Ward, in the video above.

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