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We see it all the time in Lubbock. Loose dogs running around neighborhoods, parks and in alleys. Many times when we see a loose dog we will want to get them to safety. Usually, the dogs are runaways or well-mannered. Sadly, this wasn't the case for a couple of Lubbock citizens and their dogs this past Saturday when they out for a walk.

The husband took to Nextdoor to share details about what they went through. According to the post, a husband and wife were out walking their three dogs on Saturday afternoon. He was walking a yorkie and a schnauzer while the wife was walking the couple's sheltie. The man who made the post said that in the alley between 21st and 22nd Street at Gary Avenue, a pit bull came out from a construction site. The pit bull was not on a leash. The pit bull attacked and killed the couple's schnauzer named Scooter. The husband was also attacked, and he wrote that his injuries "are ongoing and will be treated for sometime."

According to the post which you can see below, Lubbock Animal Services located the dog and the owner of the dog. The dog was euthanized.


Screenshot Nextdoor
Screenshot via Nextdoor

It does seem like we have a big problem with dogs getting out in Lubbock. Again, most aren't causing problems, but some do. Part of being a responsible dog owner is making sure you're doing what you need to do to keep your dog(s) safe and secure. It also means not dumping your dog off in the middle of nowhere because you can't deal with them anymore or because you can't take them to a new apartment or rental house.

This is also a good reminder for those who go on walks, you may want to carry a defensive item with you, whether it's a gun, mace, walking stick, etc. A dog attack is often unprovoked and it happens fast.

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