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While many of us enjoy getting our daily coffee fix from coffee shops like Starbucks or Dutch Bros., it can get pretty pricey really fast. With smaller drinks costing around $4 and larger drinks ringing in closer to $7, it can all really add up.  

Apparently, based on a video that recently circulated on TikTok, there is a way to get a drink and a pastry from Starbucks for less than $5. The trick is to purchase your drink from an in-store Starbucks location, rather than a regular sit-in or drive-thru location.  

While Lubbock does have Starbucks inside of stores like Target and Market Street, the video that went around with this hack specifically mentions shopping at Vons or Albertsons. The only problem is that we don’t have those stores here in the Hub City. But don’t fret, because there is a reason these in-store locations are able to offer special deals, changing the prices compared to standard stores. 

Due to these locations being owned by the store they are inside of, the store can implement special deals and offers for the Starbucks in their store. This means that you could possibly find deals like the one mentioned in the video here in Lubbock, but it is up to the stores that have a Starbucks to put out these offers for their customers.  

So, it isn’t impossible to get this kind of deal in Lubbock, but I haven’t personally seen any sales like this at the in-store locations here in town.  

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