ESPN Radio Host Ryen Russillo asked Kliff Kingsbury if he still had abs yesterday, and his answer was an emphatic, "Oh yeah" -- like a slim millionaire Kool-Aid Man.

Kingsbury would go on to explain it wasn't functional strength. He doesn't train to be functionally athletic; he just wants to look good. It's pure aesthetic.

I can't decide if that's a humble brag or the cockiest thing I've ever heard.

You decide:

To those of you who will undoubtedly say that Kliff should stick to football and not talk about his glorious abs. Kliff Kingsury cannot get away from this.

It's not his fault he's a debonair, playboy-looking SOB (and we mean that in the best way possible). It won't make him a better coach to become a slob and throw away his custom tailored wardrobe. The flower in his lapel doesn't hinder the defensive quality on the field.

Be you, Kliff.


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