More and more Americans are believing in UFOs. According to a study, 36% of Americans believe in UFO's, 17% don't, and 48% of people aren't sure. According to the USA Today:

About 79% of those surveyed think the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public, and 55% believe there are real-life Men in Black-style agents who threaten people who spot UFOs.

So what if they stopped by? The survey shows:

•22% would try to befriend the alien, 15% would run away, 13% would lock their doors, and only 2% would try to inflict bodily harm.

•If angry aliens did attack Earth, 21% would call the Hulk in to deal with it, 12% would call Batman, and 8% would call Spider-Man.

•Nearly 65% think Barack Obama would be better suited than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion.

So what do you think? Do you believe in UFOs or aliens or possibly both? Let us know what you think below, and if you've ever seen a UFO, let us know your experience.