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What was that in the sky? It's a question many around the world still ask when they see an object that looks very different from things they have seen before. And one Lubbock man claims he saw a UFO flying over the city late in June.

Artist Dave Clayton posted the video of an object flying over the city about a week ago. According to reports, the video was shot on June 23 in the arts district of Downtown Lubbock.

According to Clayton's Instagram page, the UFO was a "metallic sphere about the size of a smart car". Clayton also said the object was accelerating at a steady rate against the wind. Clayton grabbed a friend to witness the UFO as well. Clayton also posted two other videos to his Instagram account showing similar objects or maybe the same object recorded by others. Below are links to those videos

LINK 1: This is the video shot by Dave Clayton in Lubbock.

LINK 2: Video sent to Clayton shot by someone in Hale County

LINK 3: Video sent to Clayton from close to Midland

So what was the object? According to Clayton, it was too big to be a drone and it certainly doesn't look like a plane. So for now, it remains an unidentified flying object.

And it wouldn't be the first time UFO's have been spotted in Lubbock. According to a story from 2022 from KAMC, there have been at least 50 reported UFO sightings in Lubbock since 1998. There have been at least two from the area this year alone. You can see a list of UFO sightings here.

Of course the most famous UFO sighting remains the Lubbock Lights which happened in 1951. This was when three professors from Texas Technological College reportedly saw a group of lights moving in a V formation across the city. Other residents reported similar lights in the days and weeks following.

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