The Texas Senate gave its preliminary approval of open carry on Monday. Senate Bill 17 would allow for the open carry of handguns if the gun owner obtains a license and passed a background check. According to the Houston Chronicle, just three amendments were approved to the legislation.

Just three of the amendments passed. One would postpone implementation until Jan. 1, 2016. A second would require license holders to be trained in how to retain their gun if it were grabbed by an attacker. The final would bar open carry on college campuses, even if the Legislature passes a proposal to legalize concealed carry there.

The bill was approved along partisan lines, with all 20 Republicans voting in favor and all 11 Democrats against. Most of the amendments were rejected by the same margin. The measure must still pass the House and be signed by Gov. Greg Abbott to become law.

Some lawmakers and activists had been calling for "constitutional carry" in which the gun owners would not need a license, but so far that legislation has seen little support. Do you approve of the legislation that the Texas Senate approved of yesterday?