The Lubbock City Council approved changes to public comments at last night's city council meeting. The changes aren't huge and don't include some of the more controversial ideas that were debated in prior days. According to KFYO News, all comments will be televised and most will be able to speak early.

After the comments concluded, Mayor Robertson outlined the new Citizens Comments ordinance before the vote was taken, “A citizen may sign up 75 hours in advance to the meeting and speak on any topic the citizen lists, including any agenda items.

“If a citizen signs up the night of the meeting to speak on an agenda item, they will be placed with the first set of people that signed up for Citizen Comments before the 75 hour deadline.”  The first portion of Citizen Comments would be televised on City News Channel 2, as has been previously done.

Mayor Robertson continued, “There will be no overall time limit. However, if a person signs up (to speak) the night of a council meeting on an item that is not on the agenda, the person will speak at the end of the meeting in a separate Citizen Comments that will be televised (on City News Channel 2) with a disclaimer.”

What do you think about the new rules?