On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, District 3 Councilman Todd Klein spoke with guest host Paul Beane about some of the issues affecting the city of Lubbock.

Klein has served two terms as District 3 Councilman, and told Beane he has no intention to run for the position again. He said that some of the things he's been most proud of during him time on the council was getting rid of the red light cameras and insuring that the visitor center did not come to fruition. However, he added that he still had plenty of ideas he'd like to see implemented, one of which being a restructured rate model for LP&L. He said that, in his opinion, having a new rate model would have possibly softened the blow of the LP&L rate hikes earlier this year.

"[The rate stability model] is something I've been calling for since 2011...and if we had done that probably, and I say this with great hesitation, modestly I think we probably would have avoided some of the problems. You would have had a rate increase, but the big, significant spike had nothing to do with the rate increase itself, which should have taken place sooner than when we finally got it on board."

Klein also gave his thoughts on some of the big issues affecting Lubbock, such as a potential new law against texting while driving. Klein disagreed with the law, saying that Lubbock already has laws against texting while driving and a new law would just be redundant and would only give "a false sense of security."

He also shared his thoughts on the future of Godeke Library, saying that Jack Stevens park would be an ideal location for a new library. He added that he would like to see the new library serve more as  a community center as opposed to just a library. Klein also talked with callers about tornado sirens and options for bringing more power to Lubbock.

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KFYO Todd Klein Interview 10/29/13

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