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Godeke Branch Library Renovations Causes Budget Issues
In the Lubbock City Council’s scheduled meeting Thursday, funds were reallocated within the 2013-14 Fiscal Year Operating Budget to fund further renovation of the new Godeke Branch Library location.
The project was granted an additional $866,000 which was removed from funds intended t…
Lubbock City Council - Godeke, Glocks, Sam Medina Unpaid Leave
At their meeting Thursday evening, the Lubbock City Council tried out a new citizen comment procedure and approved a new location for a library that has been a hot button issue for several years.
The Council has removed the time limit for individual speakers, but now limits the time for citizen comme…
Library Input
The Libraries Board and Friends of the Library are soliciting public input on relocating Godeke, which is currently in a shopping center under a lease which costs $25,000 per month.

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