On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock city council District 3 candidate Maurice Stanley spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for District 3.

One of Stanley's biggest platforms is the maintenance and revitalization of Central Lubbock, and that a business owner's recent comment concerning Central Lubbock has stuck with him for a while. According to Stanley, Ron Betenbough made the following comment after a City Hall meeting:

"Central Lubbock does not deserve public money because there is no return on investment."

Stanley said he took issue with that statement and insisted that taking care of Central Lubbock and taking care of what the city already has is a must.

Stanley also spoke about yesterday's press conference concerning small cash donations made to his campaign. A total of $2,740 was raised for Stanley's campaign through small donation to a bucket labeled "Maurice's Common Sense Fund" at his barber shop. But since the donations were made anonymous and could have cause some legal problems for the campaign, the money was instead donated to the South Plains Honor Flight.

Stanley admitted that he made a mistake, but said he was glad that the money could still go to a good cause in the Honor Flight. He also added that he would much rather take a $1 donation from an average Joe than a $2,000 donation from an organization that doesn't have Lubbock's best interests at heart.

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KFYO Maurice Stanley 04/15/14

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