Let the battle over immigration and the power of President Obama begin. Here is your Morning Brief for November 5, 2014.

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Obama to Move on Immigration

According to Breitbart News, President Obama has been and is still ready to use executive action when it comes to immigration. According to Jon Karl of ABC News, the President is ready to move forward.

“officials tell me the president is prepared to aggressively pursue his agenda using his power of executive authority, where he can't work with Congress, and the big one is going to be on immigration reform. White House officials tell me that the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.”

The question is what type of action will President Obama take towards immigration. If the President goes for amnesty will the newly elected Republican Congress have the power... or guts to stop him? Get ready for a battle that could start today as the President is scheduled to hold a press conference this afternoon.

The Failure of Battleground Texas and Wendy Davis

Wow. That is about all you can say regarding last night's election results here in Texas.

Erich Schlegel, Getty Images
Erich Schlegel, Getty Images

Davis failed to reach even 39% of the vote and she wasn't the only one. NO Democrat for statewide office received over 38% of the vote in last night's results.

Not only was it a crushing defeat for Wendy Davis but it was an embarrassment for President Obama's Battleground Texas. Instead of improving chances for Democrats to turn Texas blue, I believe they set Democrats back years.

The 20-point win by Abbott gives him and other Republicans a clear mandate to push conservative legislation in the upcoming legislative session. Hopefully all lawmakers will take notice.

Republicans Take the Senate... Now What?

Republicans will now be the majority in the U.S. Senate. The President is officially a lame-duck President though battles still remain (see above). So now what for Republicans?

Exit polls showed that the American people are dissatisfied and upset with government. Republicans won't be able to make everyone feel good right away but they can show the difference between their brand of leadership and President Obama's brand of leadership.

Republicans will also have to deal with in-fighting between the Tea Party and the Establishment wings of the party. That can be managed but will be interesting to see the dynamic between Senators who think differently. For instance, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mitch McConnell.

While it was a good night for Republicans, we the voters must stay on them to do the right thing. Otherwise we could see another wave type of election in 2016.

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