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It's time to get those vehicles washed in Lubbock and throughout much of Texas.

Last week's winter storm in Lubbock brought some cold temperatures to the South Plains and a little snow and ice. No, it wasn't anywhere close to the winter storm much of Texas saw in February 2021. For Lubbock, we've seen more snow in previous storms, but we did see enough snow and ice that the City of Lubbock and the Texas Department of Transportation needed to get out and treat the roads.

While treating the roads helps people stay safer while traveling during a winter storm, the chemicals used in the mix can actually be pretty bad for you vehicle.

According to AAA and WFAA, the chemicals used in de-icing can lead to rust that can damage fuel tanks, exhaust systems and brake lines. Granted, this damage can occur over time, but it's always good to get the problem taken care of sooner rather than pay a much larger price in the future. Plus, let's be honest, you want your vehicle looking good.

According to WFAA, here are some tips for what to do after a winter storm for your vehicle.

  • When possible, limit driving immediately before, during and after winter storms when salt and de-icing solutions are being applied and are at their highest concentrations.
  • Frequently wash your vehicle, paying particular attention to the undercarriage. This will loosen, dissolve and neutralize de-icing solutions. Many drive-through car washes offer an undercarriage rinse as an option.
  • Always use a high-quality car wash solution, not a household dish detergent that will strip the wax from your vehicle.
  • Repair any possible body damage and touch up paint scratches and chips that expose bare metal which could lead to rust.
  • Give the entire vehicle and undercarriage one last cleaning in the spring. Any deposits left over from winter can continue to cause corrosion year-round if not properly removed.

Rust damage is never good for a vehicle. Given the lines I saw at car washes in Lubbock this weekend, it appears as though many are taking the advice of AAA.

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