Here's a primer for our new coaches. Since I'm sure the crew will hang on every word I type and say, I thought it best to put down a few notes.

I guess I could type advice on Lubbock all day, but I'll just hit a few points and let the coaches figure out the rest. These are just some landmine-type things that the coaches should keep in mind.


  • 1

    You Are Outsiders

    You will be treated with suspicion and not considered "one of us" for a few years. You need to be seen around town eating barbecue and whatnot. Trust me, you think you're "reaching people" by attending business lunches and whatnot? That's not Lubbock. Get down to the ground level with the people if you want their support going forward.

  • 2

    Drivers Are Insane Here

    I've seen it all when it comes to driving, and I'm still surprised to this date. You HAVE to remember that the majority of Lubbock is folks that moved here from small towns and they have no concept of flow, rules and especially turn signals. It's savage out there, so be careful

  • 3

    Get a Tamale Hookup

    Right now is the time to find a tamale hookup. Trust me on this one. I'd rather have Christmas tamales than Christmas presents.

  • 4

    Take Advantage of Events When They Come

    Concerts, plays, and other touring attractions don't hit here with the regularity some other towns see. Sure, you'll have periods of time when there's something going on every night, but there are other times when nothing will happen for months on end. So enjoy stuff when you can.

  • 5

    Be Humble

    This goes side-by-side with the fact that you'll be seen as outsiders for a while, but be gracious and humble. It's not only a good way to live, but if you, even for a half of a half of moment, give the impression that you're bigger than this town, you are done. 100 percent done. If you're constantly flying to other towns or vacationing away from town, or even talking to other schools as a negotiating device to stay here, you are baked and done.

  • 6

    Dirt & Wind Are a Fact of Life Here

    This is a little basic, but you won't believe the dirt and wind, and the dirt in the wind, here. That's okay; we don't have hurricanes or earthquakes of any consequence. You'll rarely, if ever, have to shovel snow out of your driveway. Just keep in mind that dirt will get into every nook and cranny of anything you own, including your own nooks and crannies.

  • 7

    The City Is a Grid

    Lubbock is very easy to figure out (logically) on paper. It won't take you long to learn to get around. What you will find surprising is that people will complain about a "long drive" when you can go from one side of the Interstate to the other in 12 minutes. Commutes are short, so enjoy them.

  • 8

    Looks Can Be Very Deceiving

    This is true in life, but especially true in Lubbock: some of the slickest folks are the dumbest around here, and some of the slowest talking types are the smartest.

    Don't get yourself in trouble by getting in with the wrong group or dismissing the wrong group. Get to know people before you judge them. To fill those stands, you need lawyers, wrench-turners, farmers, doctors, and every other group. Lubbock isn't big enough to appeal to one sector; you have to have them all.

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