Monday on Lubbock's First News, David Langston, partner at Mullin, Hoard and Brown law firm and former Mayor of Lubbock, spoke about the Public Information Act requests regarding the NELCDC.

Langston previously stated that all financial records had been provided to those who were interested. He said they were waiting on a response from the Attorney General in order to determine what email correspondences had to be shared and what could remain protected by attorney-client privilege. The Attorney General's ruling is that for all things that received city money, records must be made available. While this also applies to emails that are "directly supported by city funds," some can remain private. Most that are protected apply to oil and gas, a senior living center, and tenants of Parkway Shopping Center. Langston said, "I think the main thing now is that we know what we need to do as far as responding to these types of Public Information Requests."

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