The Lubbock County Courthouse has stepped up security for reasons that unknown. In the paper, commissioners claim it's because Lubbock is growing and as we grow, so do security concerns. Sheriff Rowe says plans have been in the works for years, but they just didn't have the money.

In my opinion, this is money that is being wasted. All this does is provide for a false sense of security at the end of the day. If someone really wants to, they will get past security and do harm. We have seen it before and we will continue to see it in the future. In fact, one could argue that the courthouse is less secure than many other buildings because they do not allow CHL owners to carry inside.

According to the counties website, the following items are now prohibited:

•Nail Clippers, Knives or any edged instruments
•Aerosol Sprays of any type
•Pepper Spray
•Chemical Mace
•Razor blades
•Utensils or tools of any kind
•Any objects that have a pointed end (knitting needles or hat pins, etc)
•Heavy metal items such as locks, chains, handcuffs, large keys
•Any item which could be constructed into a potential weapon.

What a joke. Nail clippers? What kind of damage can you do with nail clippers? I guess spoons and forks are also banned.

Again, all this does is provide a false sense of security at the tax payers expense.