There are certain unspoken rules in life. Even within the more hardcore groups out there, there are certain rules.

You don't kill cops. You don't rat out families. You don't "out" people. We need to add to that list: "You don't mess with Joyland." I know it appears that I took things from dark to light here, but that's the point. We need some honor among even the criminal element and it can start with the one place you never, ever mess with, is the place that brings so much joy to kids in an otherwise joyless town.

Joyland Amusement Park was savaged Thursday night and it was just pure meanness. It's not like someone was stealing for food or crack money; it was just people busting stuff up for "fun." I know what it's like to be young, bored, and destructive. There are still places where even the bad groups of people out there police themselves and say 'this is a thing you're not going to do.'

Unfortunately for the young thugs, they were caught on camera. There's a picture of the female involved that is clear as day. These people will probably be mugshots in the morning. Still, no matter what kind of good or bad you do, we need to put out the word that the last place you mess with is Joyland.

This has become such a regular thing that it's not even headline news anymore. That needs to stop and we need a code of conduct among the lawful and unlawful that there are certain places you don't mess with. Joyland should be chief among them.

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