On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest going on in Washington.

Last week, the U.S. announced they would be temporarily closing a number of embassies and issued a worldwide travel alert for all U.S citizens, due to a serious al Qaeda threat. 19 U.S. embassies in the Middle Easy and Africa will remain closed all this week. Neugebauer said that U.S intelligence picked up on what they believe to be a credible threat and that they are taking every precaution. However, he added that, unfortunately, the attack on Benghazi gave the terrorist a clear sign that the security at our embassies is severely lacking.

"...since Benghazi, I think we sent a signal, unfortunately, to the terrorist that we really don't guard our embassies very well and that a very organized attack in Benghazi was very successful.  And so I think it puts a lot of our assets at risk in our embassies."

Neugebauer also discussed a constitutional amendment he's working on to help curb the raising of the debt ceiling. The proposed amendment would require a two-thirds from both the House and the Senate in order to raise the debt ceiling. Neuegbauer also discussed the latest efforts to defund Obamacare.

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