Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Randy Christian joined Dave and Matt to talk about the previous night's city council meeting including topics like Honor Flight, police substations, a new soccer field, pool maintenance, C3 to M1, parks, trash, and more.

The city council was offered free land last night for the south location of the plan for police substations. On top of this, they expect to soon get a location for the north substation. Randy spoke on the benefits of substations, saying, "They're going to be good looking stations. Aesthetically, they're going to be very pleasing. For you to be able to tell somebody that, by the way, this beautiful police substation is going to be within half a block or so from your home or your school, I think that makes smart marketing."

Christian also spoke on the decision for a seven million dollar remodel of a soccer field at Berl Huffman. Citizens are upset about this plan, seeing how a vote was taken by the citizens in favor of not building new soccer fields in the past, however, Randy believes that this new soccer field will attract many new soccer tournaments, which will bring people to Lubbock to stay in hotels and eat at restaurants and shop in stores.

Watch the full interview with Councilman Randy Christian in the video above.

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