Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, guest host Steve Evans was joined in the KFYO studio by Lubbock County Treasurer Chris Winn.

Winn talked about how the nation, from the local level through the top levels of national government, has become a nation that disregards laws and is no longer held responsible for actions. Speaking about that trend in detail, Winn said,

We have scoffing of laws, from immigration, we have scoffing of laws from, you know, nobody was held responsible for the Wall Street meltdown. Many, now seems like a decade ago, but the reason it is important is because we continue to repeat this bad behavior. We are in the same environment, and if you don't hold people accountable, and that goes all the way to the top, I'm talking about holding Congress accountable for conflict of interest, or insider trading, or violations of information being passed between Congress and Wall Street, you know it's down here, as Ronnie [Keister] expressed, at the local level, and it is, it seems to me our country has become a nation of scoffers. And that's why people are mad.

Listen to the entire interview with Chris Winn in the video box above.

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