Your Morning Brief for June 12, 2015.

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Ted Cruz Ready to do Battle

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on subsidies for Obamacare that could upend the law depending on how the Supreme Court rules. Presidential candidate and current Senator Ted Cruz is prepared to go to war with his own party if Republicans seek to extend what the Supreme Court kills according to POLITICO.

In an interview with POLITICO, the 2016 presidential candidate weighed in on the high-stakes Supreme Court case that could end subsidies for millions of people who receive their health insurance through the federal exchange. A majority of Republican senators have endorsed an approach to keep those subsidies in place until September 2017, but Cruz flatly said “no” when asked if he’d sign on as well.

“I think the best legislative option is to allow states to opt out,” Cruz said in the Capitol. “I am cautiously optimistic that the Supreme Court will conclude in King vs. Burwell that the Obama IRS disregarded the plain language of the statute and acted lawlessly. And when that occurs, it will be a real opportunity for Congress to lead.”

He added: “In a perfect world, we would take that opportunity to repeal Obamacare. At a minimum, we should allow states to opt out.”

Cruz’s comments underscore the challenges for Republican leaders if they win the Supreme Court case: They’ll have to find a way to help the millions who could immediately see their health care costs skyrocket without appearing to endorse a law they universally despise.

And it’s bound to grow more complicated with the injection of 2016 politics: Republican senators in blue-states facing reelection will be eager to avoid a public revolt and find a way to keep federal dollars flowing to people who rely on the subsides to defray their health care costs; conservatives running for president will be eager to renew their demands to kill the controversial law once and for all.

Normally, doing battle with your own party while trying to win the nomination isn't the smartest idea in the world. However, with this issue there is only upside for Cruz. Those who back Cruz want him to fight Obamacare. Fighting Obamacare and the promise to not give up was a campaign promise that he has held onto. It's that promise that has hurt him with the John McCain's of the Republican party.

Ted Cruz fighting the Republicans over an extension of Obamacare is something that would fire-up his base. It will be interesting to see where the other 2016ers fall on the issue.

Pastor Protection Act Signed

Governor Abbott signed a piece of legislation Thursday that didn't receive a lot of hype in the media, but was still very important. The Governor signed the Pastor Protection Act which allows clergy members to refuse to perform gay weddings according to the Texas Tribune.

The signing ceremony for the so-called Pastor Protection Act, which goes into effect Sept. 1, was held outside the Governor's Mansion. Abbott was surrounded by about two dozen clergy members at a news conference discussing the law. Others attending the signing ceremony included Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxtonand Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, who authored the bill.

“Freedom of religion is the most sacred of our rights and our freedom to worship is secured by the Constitution,” Abbott said. “Religious leaders in the state of Texas must be absolutely secure in the knowledge that religious freedom is beyond the reach of government or coercion by the courts."

With the signing of the bill, "Texas took a small but important step to further protect the religious freedom of clergy in the face of increasing hostility toward people of faith in all walks of life," Paxton said in a statement. "No Pastor, Priest, Rabbi or other religious leader should be forced to perform or recognize a marriage that contradicts his or her sincere religious belief.

Sadly, this piece of legislation was needed. Maybe not for this year or next, but at some point someone will sue a pastor for refusing to marry a gay couple. At least that's how it seems things are going.

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