Mitt Romney's  foreign policy, and President Obama lack of one, was a hot topic on the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Mitt Romney is giving a speech today about his foreign policy, saying that the U.S. need to take a more assertive role in the Middle East and to begin putting stipulations on funds to countries such as Egypt. However, the Obama campaign fired back, calling Romney's policy an "unmitigated disaster." But according the Chad, Romeny's not the disaster, it's the man sitting in the Oval office who's the real disaster.

Who's the one who did not provide extra security to our embassies in the Middle East on 9/11?...which one is just kind of "Eh," shrugged their shoulders as the Middle East just continues to go up in flames? Who is that? Is that Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Who's president right now? Who is the unmitigated disaster on foreign policy...I think it's Obama who is the unmitigated disaster, but the Obama campaign is trying to say that it's Mitt Romney who is the disaster.

Chad also said that he's glad to see someone finally calling Obama out on his "policy" and calling Obama a weak leader. He said that other countries have noticed how we are acting like we're scared of the Middle East, and that it's time America step up and change the course in the Middle East.

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