A video of Barack Obama essentially calling America racist was a hot topic of the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

The Daily Caller posted a video from 2007 when then-Senator Obama spoke to a predominately black audience in Virginia. In the video, Obama declared that America did not care about the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and that the victims did not receive their money as quickly as say, 9-11, just because they were black. Hasty said that, in a nutshell, Obama was clearly stating that America was racist and was dividing the country by promoting "racial solidarity." This video, according to Hasty, showed the stark contrast between the "fake" politician Obama tries to be in front of the cameras, and the "real" politician he is when he thinks the cameras aren't rolling.

"I would argue that the real politician is the one who is normally caught, he didn't think all the cameras were rolling, he didn't think the video would leak out, that's the real politician. The fake politician is the one who gets up there and calls a press conference on race in Philadelphia, and says "I can't believe Jeremiah Wright would say these racial insensitivities. I can't believe he would say things like this." Meanwhile, in Obama's speech in 2007, he talks about his mentor, his "good friend," Rev. Wright."

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