"Tuber-gate." "Tub-a-Palooza." The "Tele-Tubby Smackdown." Whatever you call Tommy Tuberville's televised "hit" on a graduate assistant, we talked about it on the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

During Saturday's football game against Kansas, Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville was shown on TV knocking a graduate assistant's headset and hat off of his head. The clip went viral and caused a stir on social media, as many people claimed that Tuberville had slapped or struck the grad assistant. However, Chad and producer Ariel both agreed that it wasn't a slap at all and was completely blown out of proportion.

While some of our callers agreed with Chad, a few had some differing opinions. Caller Armando said that Tuberville embarrassed Lubbock and Texas Tech with his actions. Caller Jim stated that Tuberville neede to be punished, and that if this incident had occurred in a classroom instead of a football field, it would have been much more serious. He went on to argue that, regardless of the raucous atmosphere at football games, actions on the field should be treated the same as if they had occurred in the classroom.

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