Former Texas Tech Football coach Tommy Tuberville is in a different arena now. He's left coaching behind, and since January has been a U.S. Senator representing Alabama.

Earlier this week, TMZ Sports caught up with Tuberville at Reagan National Airport where he talked about the proposed "Name, Image, Likeness" (NIL) compensation that could be coming soon to college athletes across the country.

Senator Tuberville said in part to TMZ: "Players are already getting paid. You've got to remember that. They're getting their scholarship."


Saban's annual base salary of $275,000 and talent fee (currently at $8.425 million) will increase annually in unspecified amounts, with a contract completion bonus of $800,000 payable at the end of the 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 contract years.

At some point in the term of the new contract provisions, Saban will become the first college coach to break the $10 million mark in annual, recurring compensation.

The NCAA, on their website, sums up Name, Image, Likeness as:

The term has taken on new meaning amid the national conversation. Most simply, “name, image and likeness” are three elements that make up a legal concept known as “right of publicity.”

Right of publicity involves those situations where permission is required of a person to use their name, image or likeness. For example, no permission is required for a newspaper to publish a photo of an athlete playing in a game. The legal copyright would belong to the photographer, not the person pictured.

Tuberville was elected Alabama's junior U.S. Senator in November 2020. He was the head coach for Texas Tech Football for three seasons (2010-2012), with lackluster results. In three seasons at Texas Tech, Tuberville compiled a record of (20-17, 9-17) with two bowl game appearances.

Tuberville also was the head coach at Auburn from 1999-2008 and at Cincinnati from 2013-2016.

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