Should there be a law banning texting and driving? That's was a major point of discussion of Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

Texting and driving has become a popular issue for debate recently, and there are many people who are pushing Texas to pass a law banning texting while driving. However, Chad disagrees with the idea, saying that there's always going to be distracted driving. If it's not a phone distracting you, it's the on-board computer in your car, or your pet, or a crying child. He also went on to say the texting while driving bill is a bill based on emotion, and nothing good ever comes from legislation that comes from emotion.

Our listeners had plenty to say on the issue. Caller J.D. was in favor of the bill, saying that it would stop texting and driving if it became a law with stiff penalties. But Chad pointed out that other states would had passed similar bills have actually seen their accident rates go up because people put their phones below the steering wheel where the police could not see them. As a result, their eyes were off the road longer and they were more prone to accidents.

Callers Cecilia and Jerry both pointed out that in some cases, the on-board computers can be far more distracting than just texting. Caller Jim also added that some cars now come with technology that cannot be used if the car is in motion. However, Chad mentioned that the technology has not been perfected, and even if it was, most people would not buy it for their cars. They might, however, buy if for their kids' cars.

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