Why aren't more young people voting for Republicans? One caller had an "interesting" answer to that question on the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

During the show, Chad discussed an article citing various reasons why younger voters, specifically those between 18 and 29, did not vote Republican. He came up with several reasons of his own, such as younger people in general tend to be more liberal in their views, and they don't vote often in the first place.

Chad went on to explain that the Democrats have done a pretty good job of painting the Republican party as "the party of old white people," making them unappealing to the younger voters, and that young people tend to vote more for who's a cool guy or who's someone they'd want to drink with as opposed to who would be a good leader.

However, caller Margie had a different opinion.

She claimed that people do not vote Republican, and that Republicans would not win another election, because most of them are racist. But when Chad continuously asked her for specific examples of Republican politicians being racist, she could not give any and just kept insisting that they're racist.

The one example she did give was that Republicans keep "picking on the poor president," but even that did not back up her argument of Republicans being racist. Finally, she just admitted that she just didn't like them.

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