Affirmative action and race-based admissions was the hot topic on the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

The Supreme Court is back in session today, and one of the cases they will be discussing involves a student who was refused admission to  the University of Texas simply because she was white. This brings up the often touchy subject of "affirmative action" and how much of a factor race really plays in college admissions. And according to Chad Hasty, race unfortunately plays a major factor.

Affirmative action does discriminate on the basis of race. "Oh hey, you've got a great GPA, all your credentials are in line, hey we'd admit you, but we have a few too many white students already...normally you would get in, if only you were black.

Hasty noted the Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts has historically been opposed to affirmative action and is hoping that this is the cases that throws out affirmative action altogether. He said the schools are plenty diverse without it, and that admission to college should be based on a student's credentials, not the color of their skin.

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