Affirmative action, or reasons to not have affirmative action, was one of the hot topics on the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case involving the University of Texas denying to admit a girl into their college simply because she was white. Chad stated that using race in college admission was indeed racism, and that race should just be done away with completely on the admissions form.

He also argued that colleges should not try to lower their standards just to get more people enrolled. Chad said colleges should keep their high standards, and only those who qualify for college get in, regardless of race. He went on to add that because of this entitlement mentality that's been promoted by the government, everyone is trying to be fair when in fact, reality is anything but fair.

One of our listeners took a different view. Jacob called in and suggested that the real problem lies in the home life of these kids. He said that, particularly with Hispanics, parents are not encouraging their children to excel and are instead reverting to this entitlement mentality and teaching that to their children.

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