Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, much of the discussion revolved around the recent terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015. Hasty talked about the attitudes of many of those in leadership positions, as well as many people in the United States, and how, in the name of political correctness, they continue to ignore or discount the threats posed by terrorism.

Hasty said,

With this plea of compassion that is out there, that we all take in these refugees or migrants, is that we're going to see more of these terrorist attacks. You're going to see them at restaurants, you're going to see them at cafes. I was having a discussion over the weekend, and it's not going to be government buildings, it's not going to be the pentagon, it's not going to be the U.S. Capitol (though the terrorists would love to take out the U.S. Capitol). But what it's going to be is your favorite restaurant. It's going to be a sports venue. It's going to be the places they know where you're not armed. And where they can just walk up with a suicide vest, or a suicide belt on and blow themselves up right outside the stadium. [That's] what happened in Paris.

Hasty continued with,

We're afraid of offending people, we're afraid of offending the 'moderate Muslims that are out there. I don't know about you but I'm tired of coddling the moderate Muslims. I'm tired of it. ... We've  got a real threat to this country, a real threat to the world. And we have a President who's more concerned about being politically correct, and about being nice to people, than actually getting the job done.

Listen to Chad's thoughts and some great caller comments in the video box above.

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