With former Texas Governor Rick Perry making his announcement today, officially entering the race in the 2016 presidential campaign, Chad Hasty took on the subject of Perry's 2012 run for the White House.

On claims that Perry lost credibility during the 2012 campaign, Hasty said,

Does Rick Perry have a shot in this primary? Yes, but a very very small one. It is hard for me to discount Rick Perry. With the resume that Rick Perry has, with the way he can connect with voters, it's hard for me to dismiss Rick Perry.

About Perry's 'oops moment' during the previous campaign debate, Hasty said,

God forbid we have a presidential candidate out there who ever makes a mistake while speaking in public. We wouldn't want that from a President would we? We demand all of our Presidents be perfect speakers. Remember, isn't that what Barak Obama was supposed to be? Even though he doesn't know the difference between "Corp" and "corpse"? But he was supposed to be a perfect speaker. You know, Rick Perry had his 'oops moment' and we're going to hold that against him? We're going to hold it against him because he wasn't the perfect campaigner? That, to me, it seems so silly, to say that one thing is going to disqualify Rick Perry.

Listen to Chad's thoughts on Rick Perry's chances in the video box above.

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