Chad Hasty has a God-given gift: the gift of impersonation. Whether it's Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh or other talk show hosts, Chad can impersonate them.

On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Jerry, an occasional caller, took the baton on a discussion about waterboarding and torture and turned it into a rehash of conspiracy theories about the September 11 terrorist attacks. He focused on 7 World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the attacks.

After about two minutes of Jerry trying to make a point, Chad ceded his mic to the fake Alex Jones.

While Jerry continued his rambling, the fake Alex all of a sudden asked him: "Who did you think blew up the building?" Give Jerry credit: even with the apparent change of hosts, he continued to wave the conspiracy flag.

Chad as Alex Jones started the segment by shaking his 'Random Conspiracy Magic 8-ball.' You can hear what the Magic 8-ball told 'Alex' by going to the four-minute mark.

Another caller, Jay, decided to respond to Jerry's ramblings, but not before he told a quick story involving a UFO, Bigfoot and Elvis Presley.

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