Overnight employees are upset with Cantu Towing after being towed from an empty parking lot during this past weekend's snowstorm.

During this weekend's snowstorm, caretakers at the Brookdale Monterey assisted living facility utilized an empty parking lot for Ross on 50th and Elgin. With their own parking unsafe, employees at Brookdale consulted police on parking in the no parking zone for their overnight shift.

"Since it was an emergency, our caregivers parked their vehicles over here," Brookdale Resident Program Manager J'Non Hamilton said. "A policeman said it was okay for them to park their vehicles over here because they weren't able to get into our parking lot."

But at 2 a.m. Monday morning, employees were alerted that the towing company had come to tow the cars parked in the Ross employee parking lot.

"We did come out and speak to them about it and they said there's nothing that we could do, that they had to get them out because this is employee parking," Hamilton said. "It was 2:00 in the morning and it was snowing, there were no employees here."

Cantu Towing does have signs posted at Ross parking lot entrances stating that their towing is enforced at all times. When asked about leniency in the policy Cantu replied that the nursing home is at fault and that they should have cleared the parking lot.

Local residents have also had similar issues with the towing company during this last weekend.

[Via Everything Lubbock]