In a move to regain prestige among the luxury market dominated by Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, the full sized CT6 is hoping to achieve world class levels of refinement.

The CT6 comes with what Fox News calls an aluminum-intensive chassis, and is reported by Cadillac to be the stiffest of its kind. The CT6 has three choices in motors, a 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder, a 3.6 liter V6, or a band new offering of a turbocharged V6. The motors produce 265, 335, and 400 horsepower respectively. All models have an 8-speed transmission, with all-wheel drive available for all models, but comes standard with the V6.  The automatic transmission has a 2-speed transfer case, and a continuous variable clutch that adjust power between the front wheels. Expect it to come with most of the technology you find on its German rivals, such as night vision, pedestrian detection and automatic braking. reports to expect the CT6 to start in the $60-$75,000 range, with the top of the line models possibly reaching over $100,000. Sales are set to begin late this year.

The CT6 looks amazing, and I’ve never liked Cadillacs. Ever. I cannot see how GM could throw a 4 cylinder in this huge car, and make it into a believable challenger for the Germans.  Right now, Audi is leading the pack in luxury car sales worldwide. It just makes you ask yourself; Would I rather have an Audi, or a Caddy? For me, there is no competition.

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