On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News Steve Osbourne, assistant superintendent of Brownfield ISD, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about how the school district almost went into lockdown on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a double homicide was reported in Brownfield. 42-year-old Jose DeLuna was suspected of shooting his in-laws after they refused to tell him the location of his children. DeLuna was later killed in a car accident, just 4 blocks away from the school. Brownfield ISD reportedly went on lockdown while the police searched for DeLuna.

Osbourne clarified that the school district did not go into a full lockdown, but did take precautions in case someone tried to enter the school.

"We took precautions, but we never went to the full lockdown...it wasn't even to the point of a soft lockdown, but we were on high alert. We were in constant contact with our police department, and if they had given us an indicator that they felt like we were in any kind of danger, we would have immediately gone to that lockdown.

Osbourne added that it is district policy for classroom doors to be locked at all times while students are in school. He also said that DeLuna's children, who were in school at the time, are safe and doing all right despite the incident.