On Tuesday's Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby, conservative investigative reporter for Breitbart Texas joined Chad in the KFYO studio to discuss recent developments involving Michael Bob Starr in the race for District 19 Representative.

Darby talked about some local media's reporting and ethics, saying that one organization's owner is involved in fund-raising for Starr. Darby said,

There are some outlets here [in Lubbock] that are really sub-par, and should be ashamed.

Darby described his attempts at obtaining a statement from the Starr campaign, and gave details about his pursuit of the subject. While talking about the controversy, and why he believes it to be important, Darby said,

People in West Texas, a lot of people here, they do care about LGBT  [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] issues. They don't care, a lot of them I've talked with, don't care if people are gay, that's [those] people's business. But they definitely care about the promotion of an LGBT agenda. And there's a difference between accepting gay people, and promoting a left of center LGBT agenda.

Listen to the entire interview with Brandon Darby in the video above.

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